Fully transparent COOLING PATCH with color reminding signal help parents to make decisions. It is produced after a technical breakthrough.


Sibikon submitted this know-how as a new invention patent. The new cooling patch looks clean and cute with soft hand feel and appropriate adhesive to children skin. It is composite with perforated poly vinyl alcohol film, temperature-sensing symbol (a printing layer) and hydrogel as cooler adhesive, with poly vinyl alcohol film margin secured in hydrogel.


Different from non-woven fabric film which play the role as hydrogel holder, pure polyvinyl alcohol film has been punched holes to enhance moisture and vapour permeability and so result in far more better cooling effect. We have to mention the biodegradable property of this film which brings no environmental pollution considered this product is disposable. The design of transparent polyvinyl alcohol film is a requirement of temperature- sensing symbol, which turns into darker color under higher body temperature. This changing is obviously visual alarm for higher temperature.


This patch is packed is a transparent plastic case. Every two pieces covered tight and sealed in a water–resistant film. We are not suggested to use any patch that been open after 24h as the hydrogel dries after water evaporats.


Higher edition of polyvinyl patches will design into biodegradable sealing film in packing which is now under laboratory testing.


Any customized temperature symbol will be considered while the case shape will be not. 


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