PVA Liquid Bandage
Quick film formation
After spray onto superficial wounds, this liquid bandage will form a protecting film above the wound bed with in 5 minutes.
PVA liquid bandage is mainly composites with PVA and alcohol. Alcohol will play the role as disinfectioner.
The protecting film PVA liquid bandage form upon wound bed is a material with three dimensional net structure. This special structure enable the film's breathability.
Easy application
Small container with 30ML
Put into your side bag easily.
Apply to many surperficial wounds
It is suitable for many superficial wounds as well as they are of low exudate. Deep wounds or shallow wound with hemorrhage are expcetion.
Long ware time
The user can ware protecting film for about 7 days.
Daily shower or water base activity will not damage the film.
The protecting film is thin and flexible which is especially good to use in interjiont area wound.
Technical datasheet
Mails to info@newpva.com for TDS
Customer review
Stop bleeding

Easy to use and convenience. Almost fit for all small cuts and abrasions. Including light bleeding ones. 



Very good ! 





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