Cooling Patch
PVA perferated film
PVA is a highly hydrophillic material. This patch makes hydro gel on a PVA base film. When it applied onto a heated body, the moisture in skin will quickly absorb by PVA film and evourate quick by outside air movement. Tiny holes perforated before product finished promotes the moisture evaporating. PVA hydro gel combines well with PVA base film and these two layers bonded together in the gel.
Color change Whale Symbol design
The pink whale symbol is design to be color changed if body temperature is higher than 38 degree Celsius. This design is patented in China and patent pending world wide. Whale artwork is a trademark for ANTARCTIC brand.
Keep cool for 4 hours
The evaporating of moisture continues if sweating keeps. As the water in gel goes, the thickness for this patch will be 1/2 after 4 hours wearing.
Low allergic
There is no any allergic ingredient. Our skin irritation test report support this point.
Transparent vision design
This patch is the first transparent one in China and been patented in 2018. The vision design which express beauty is also important for new product
Case package
The transparent case of 2 pc pack help not only keep the patch in shape. It will also convenient in home storage.
Convenient Application
Cool down quickly
PVA is a highly hydrophillic, it will absorb moisture from body skin and vaporate water in the gel out to the air. This evaporation happen within minutes after application.
Alarm of high temperature
An alarm design will remind the guardian pay close attention to the patient kid who are suffering high temperature.
4 hours change frequency
The thickness of the patch will thinner from 3 - 1.5 in 4 hours as water gone. A new patch is ready in the same case.
Thin case design to bring
Traveling with kids are serials of trivial. Bring with you some thin and light cool down patch, relief the uncomfortable feeling if necessary.
12 cased primary pack
There are 12 cases in each primary pack, keep away from shine and light.
Technical datasheet
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