PVA Gauze
90°C water soluble
Technologically speaking, PVA is 100% water soluble. The dissolve speed depends on alcoholysis of different brand of material. We have modified and design our raw material to be 90°C water soluble.
PVA is a new high polymer which be tested and reported of good biocompatibility since 1960S.
Softer than cotton
After weaving sizing control PVA gauze in a good handfeel of softness which be tested safe for open wounds.
Higher exudate absorption
PVA is a hydrophillic material, which absorp moister and vapour quickly.
Malordour absorption
PVA is a weak acidic material hydropillic material which will absortion peri- wound ammonia by chemical reactions.
No pollution No waste
As PVA is 100% water soluble, and the solution is enviromental friendly. There will not be any waste technologically, after clinical application.
No allergy
PVA gauze has low allergy reports as this material's good biocompatibility
No adhesion
Clinical report concludes that PVA gauze has less adhesion with new form tissue cause of low lipid content. This will avoid tissue damage in dressing removal.
Technical datasheet
Item No. Yarn size  Mesh per inch  Gauze size  Sterile 
PVAG3028 32S  28 mesh  8 * 8  (8 ply) EO 
PVAG4028 40S  28 mesh  10*10 (8 ply) EO 


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