PVA Gauze
90°C water soluble
Technologically speaking, PVA is 100% water soluble. The dissolve speed depends on alcoholysis of different brand of material. We have modified and design our raw material to be 90°C water soluble.
Good biological compatibility
Skin irritation, skin sensitization, cytotoxicity test report in great results, which in accordance with recent med-chemical research result reported that PVA material of great biological compatibility.
Long staple woven
There is hard to get any 10cm fiber in cotton but easy in man-made PVA fiber. It is totally produced by machine, so it is a number design in solution ingredient and the machine production. Longer fiber twist with each other better than short ones.
Whiteness stable but not from bleaching
There is no bleaching process in PVA gauze production, the whiteness of PVA gauze is the name as raw material. All products made from same PVA solution will have the same whiteness. No leftover of chloride.
No flocking in clinical application
Long staple woven make the fiber twist with each other in a good strength level, there is very rare of them come off and adhere to the wound bed. Hot cutting will be introduce into PVA gauze production, so there cut edge will melt and combine with neighbour thread. Clean with no flocking gauze is welcome in high change frequency wound treatment.
Low adhesion
No flocking, long staple , and no lipid content in PVA gauze, it will adhere to the wound in very special circumstance.
PVA new material gauze
Clean resources to use
90 degree hot water dissolve, or 12 months degrading buried in soil, harmless to water and soil, will reduce the carbon footprint of medical waster treatment. Burn treatment is also workable, but it is no suggests.
PVA is proofed to be non-toxic as this is a high polymer, which will have stable molecular structure. It is the ideal medical material.
Stable production capacity
The production output for PVA gauze is rely on machine quantity, not on human labor. There will be stable production capacity and it is predictable.
Stable quality level
Machine made product will of stable quality level compared with human labors. PVA gauze fiber is machine made instead of plants. The quality is designed when machine start working.
Designed property
Material is modified as per clinical application requirements. X ray detectable material can add into raw material solution.
Design degradation lead time
12 month degradation is similar to cotton. Shorter or longer time is designable when we prepare the raw material.
Technical datasheet
Mails to info@newpva.com for TDS
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