Vinylon is a classic application of PVA in textile field


Vinylon is the first and classical application in Textile field. 

Though its clothing property may be far less popular than other synthetic fibers, Vinylon is still known for its properties of moisture absorption and wear resistance and can substitute some cotton-made bedding, knitwear, decorative cloth, canvas, uniform, work clothes, fishing net and curtain. Other properties of vinylon meet industrial requirements, such as high strength, low elongation, high modulus, acid/alkali/weather resistance, good adhesiveness to rubbers. So high-strength and high-membrane vinylon can be used as an alternative to asbestos.

Based on Sibikon's modification technology, PVA yarn is produced and weave into gauze. More textile application such as workcloth in electrostatic workshop is workable for now. Although we know how to weave PVA yarn and the critical technical data for modification, we still need some more experiments to validate the cloth performance in real working enviroment. 

There is no such reports involoved PVA in electrostatic work cloth production. The modification should be most important part. 

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